Working with KERN is easy. The commitment to satisfy its customers never stops. This is why the roots of the company can be traced so far back in history. The devotion to quality and the 175 years of experience has enabled KERN’s engineers to become specialists in the weighing field with the KERN brand standing for precision and reliability.

Years of experience and a comprehensive product range are of extreme benefit to customized special wishes. The delivery range includes the complete spectrum of weighing techniques, mainly industrial balances, laboratory balances, test weights and DAkkS calibrations. Consultation, sales and service from one source is efficient and reasonably priced.



Optical Instruments
Industrial Scales
Industry Process Chain
Measuring Instruments
Laboratory Balances
Medical Scales
Special Equipment



Balances Calibration
Weights Calibration

KYOWA is a leading company contributing the world by offering stress measuring equipment.KYOWA provides the way to know the strength of structures.

Strain/stress measurement provides criteria for knowing the strength of structures and is indispensable to ensure the sufficient strength and safety of the equipment and structures used under severe conditions. Strain is the deformation a material shows when elongated or contracted in proportion to an applied force. A strain gage detects the strain as an electric signal.


KELLER produces more than 1,2 million high-grade measuring cells per. From start to finish, our value chain is created at our headquarters in Winterthur, where we do everything from producing the individual parts to calibrating the sensor and carrying out the final checks on the finished product. This means that all KELLER products are ‘Made in Switzerland’ and customers can be sure that they are getting renowned Swiss quality.

KELLER is known for Swiss quality and precision . Ever since the company was established, it has produced all its products at its facilities in Winterthur. For more than 45 years, Keller is pairing expertise with innovative spirit to find the right solutions for each individual application.


ASH Technologies is the EU leader fpr Digital Microscopes.

Ash Technologies Designs And Delivers Compelling Digital Vision And Measurement Solutions, Designed And Executed With Beauty And Simplicity.

Ash Technologies was founded in 1994 to design and manufacture a range of award winning electronic magnifiers for the visually impaired. In 2013, Ash decided to apply its innovation and design skills to digital vision and inspection for industry. This is now our primary business focus.

Ash has been recognized for our innovation and products design capabilities with national and international awards and the company continues to grow and evolve year on year as it exports over 90% of its inspection and measurement solutions to a broad range of industries and OEM/ODM partnerships. Our distribution network spans over 35 countries including UK, Germany, USA and China to name a few.

BLUE DRAGON (GAMM-BUD) company was established in 1992 .The founder mainly known as the name behind Blue Dragon Jet cable blowing machines brand.

In its early years GAMM-BUD was involved with supplying the equipment for the Telecommunication,

electric companies and water and sewage companies.

GAMM-BUD got involved with fiber optic cables blowing machines in 1994, becoming a Polish distributor of

an internationally recognized manufacturer. In addition to the blowing machines, at the time GAMM-BUD offeres cable trailers, winches, and a whole range of cable blowing accessories.

SHINHO is A leader of fiber fusion splicers in China, also a high-tech company focusing on the research and development of fiber optical equipment and solutions. Shinho was built up in 2012, but the core technology team have more than 20 years experience in the industry, we are devoted to supplying high quality products and reliable services to customers all over the world.

ΧTS – FORENSICS is a product design and engineering company with numerous technical capabilities that include custom manufacturing, ballistic water tanks, dry cabinets, forensic cabinets and a wide scope of specialized products in the fields of electronics and forensics.

Affri is one of the world’s major designers and manufacturer of hardness testing machines for over 60 years, providing state of the art technology. Affri’s mission statement is to supply the most advanced technology and the most convenient solution to satisfy customer’s requirements.
Over its history, Affri has achieved multiple milestones in the development of technology and design of hardness testing solutions worldwide. As result Affri is highly respected, and appreciated worldwide, for providing high quality and extensive range of Hardness Testing solutions.
Bench-top and portable hardness testing machines for Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Knoop, Shore and IRHD hardness tests. All hardness testing instruments are conform to international hardness standards ASTM and ISO. Affri produces automatic hardness testers for industries like heat-treatments, steel shops, foundries, forges, oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, naval and more. We have all hardness testing solutions for every metal, iron, steel, tempered steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, copper, hardening, nitriding, cementation and induction. Hardness machines to test plastic and rubber as Shore and IRHD hardness test. Special and specific hardness instruments to test gears, rolled steel, bars, metal plates, coils, valves, tubes, aluminum profiles, motors, engines, forged products, shafts, bearings, bottles and more.
Affri produces universal hardness testing machines to have all scales Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and more on one single hardness tester.
Micro and Macro Vickers machines with fully motorized system to perform automatic hardness tests on hardened gradients and CHD Case hardness depth. Hardness tests in laboratory fully confrom to the hardness standards ISO 6506-3, ISO 6507-3, ISO 6508-3, ASTM E18, ASTM E10, ASTM E384.
Hardness tester calibration service for all machines. Certified hardness test blocks. Certified diamond indenters and ball indenters.



Easydur offers a complete range of measurement instruments (from 10N to 100Ton) for tension, traction and compression, torsion and hardness tests and, last but not least, vision systems for image analysis which our national and international Clientele have adopted in the most varied sectors such as aeronautics, automotive, railway, spring manufacturing, forges and foundries, as well as in the best universities.

Both software (based on Windows) and hardware are developed in-house to be flexible and to allow us to customize the machines to suit the Customer’s specifications.



JEL is an engineering company that produces measuring instruments and tools for radio amateurs and electronics engineers around the world.  Our mission is to design and produce high quality tools that will provide years of service at a reasonable price.  Each one of JEL’s produced units is assembled, tested, inspected, calibrated, serialized and registered in JEL’s database before shipping. JEL stands proudly behind every unit shipped unit by providing quick and reliable after sales support.

In addition to a market leading range of voltage testers, proving units, socket and continuity testers, Martindale Electric products include a comprehensive range of 18th Edition installation testers, PATs and electrical and environmental test tools.



Mechanical design
Parts prototyping
PCB design
Software design and development


RF Instruments
RF Filter
Wideband RF amplifier

ΜΑRTINDALE. With over 90 years of experience, Martindale Electric is one of the most trusted brands in electrical safety testing with a reputation for providing innovative and time-saving electrical measurement solutions for electricians and service professionals backed up by a high standard of local service and support.

The company leads the way in safe isolation, providing simple and reliable solutions to ensure circuits have been de-energized and properly isolated prior to maintenance and modifications. Martindale electrical safety kits enable electricians and service personnel to stay safe by proving dead and locking off circuits during installation and maintenance, essential for compliance with Electricity at Work Regulations.

In addition to a market leading range of voltage testers, proving units, socket and continuity testers, Martindale Electric products include a comprehensive range of 18th Edition installation testers, PATs and electrical and environmental test tools.


Industry firsts include:

Safe Isolation – the definitive voltage indicator and proving unit together with unique locking off solutions
Insulation testing – the first tester for hazardous environments
Test tools – the first low cost fuse finder, self-proving voltage detectors
Socket testers – the original mains socket tester and the first advanced socket tester as defined by the HSE
Loop testing – the first automatic non-trip, plug-in loop tester
PAT testing – the smallest and lightest handheld PAT



Clamp Meters & Multimeters
Locking Off Kits
Safe isolation & Voltage Indication
Non-contact voltage detectors
Proving Devices
Voltage Indication



Temperature Meters
Light Meters
Sound Meters
Gas, airflow & pressure


Electrical Test Tools

Εarth Tester
Insulation Tester
Calibrators & Decade Boxes

LETTA GROUP provides innovative products and solutions, design, prototyping, and manufacturing services on electronics, embedded systems and Internet-of-Things.

We are offering products and solutions in the fields of ATM technologies, smart electronic locks, IoT, Industry 4.0 applications and network technologies.  We are also providing product development, design, prototyping and manufacturing services.

Field-proven, thousands of connected embedded solution of Letta are being used world-wide in banks, telecom operators and in many industrial applications.

Letta Group consists of Letta Technologies, Arelkom Elektronics, and Lettalocks companies, located in the Bilisim Vadisi Technopark, in Kocaeli, Turkey.

Letta also provides R&D and embedded design solutions on the following fields of expertise:

  • Electronic circuit design
  • Embedded systems
  • Embedded Linux based systems
  • Deeply-embedded systems (low-power)
  • Bank ATM and branch infrastructure solutions
  • OTC based Electronic locks
  • Data and voice communication technologies
  • Modems
  • POS network infrastructures
  • Wired / wireless communication technologies
  • Industrial automation technologies

MEATEST is a developer and manufacturer of electrical calibration instruments for calibration laboratories and testing facilities in electronics, engineering, utility, aeronautics and telecommunications sectors. Designed for automated calibrations Meatestest’s calibration instruments bring effective solutions to customers like NPL, Samsung, Siemens and Volkswagen. Metrological know-how also takes its part in our production of industrial electromagnetic flow meters.


Multi-Product Calibrators
Power & Energy Calibrators
Process Calibrators
Impedance Standards
Decade Boxes
Electrical Test Calibrators
Calibration Software
Electromagnetic Flow Meters

DRUCK, a Baker Hughes business, delivers world-class expertise, excellence, and reliability in the toughest environments. Druck’s piezo-resistive pressure sensors and test and calibration instruments provide our customers with the highest performance, stability, quality, accuracy, and quickest response in any environment.


Multifunction Calibrators
Portable Pressure & Temperature Calibrators
Pressure Testing Gauges, Pumps & Loop Calibrators



Η Testo SE & Co. KGaA αποτελεί την παγκόσμια ηγέτιδα εταιρεία στον κλάδο των συσκευών και εφαρμογών μέτρησης. Με 34 θυγατρικές εταιρείες σε όλον τον κόσμο και 3.200 εργαζόμενους, ερευνά, αναπτύσσει, παράγει και εμπορεύεται προιόντα υψηλής τεχνολογίας. Η Testo εγγυάται όργανα μετρήσεων πολύ υψηλής ακρίβειας και καινοτόμες λύσεις στην διαχείριση των μετρικών δεδομένων του μέλλοντος.


Ανίχνευση Αερίων
Ταχύτητα & Ροή Αέρα, Στροφές, Φως και Ήχος
Πολύμετρα, Αμπεροτσιμπίδες
Καταγραφικά Περιβαλλοντικών Συνθηκών
Συστήματα Θερμικής Απεικόνισης


Ασφάλεια Τροφίμων
Λύσεις για Μηχανολόγους και Τεχνικούς
Φαρμακευτική και Υγεία
Έξυπνη Μετρολογία
Βιομηχανία και άλλοι τομείς


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